Charlotte was a British teacher who spent her life in improving the quality of education children were receiving. She believed one should educate the whole child, not just their mind. She said that, “Education is an Atmosphere, a Discipline, a Life.

Your Homeschool atmosphere is important.  It can be one that encourages or discourages learning. Participating alongside your children will reinforce the importance and joy of learning. 

Creating good habits with habit training is a key to Charlotte Mason education. Instead of giving a lot of busy work which often leads the student to boredom and half hearted work, lessons are often shorter but there is a higher expectation to the finished work.

A Living book is a book that makes the subject come alive.

Charlotte Mason put a heavy emphasis on using high-quality literature, which she called “living books,” to teach children. Living book is a book that makes the subject come alive. Makes you feel like you are living in the event going on in the book. Along with good living books you will be ‘spreading a feast’ of quality curriculum including nature study, art and music appreciation and letting your child digest ideas that are appropriate for him at the time.

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