Unit study is a course of study that you can put together for your child that is anchored on a literature, science or history topic.. You will then pull together all the other academic subjects around that topic and find activities to go along with that anchor/ main subject.

In other words, Unit studies take a theme or topic and incorporate all the school subjects (language arts, history, science, music, art, etc.) into that topic. For example, when you study Ancient Egypt, you read books about Egypt (history), make a salt dough map of Egypt (geography), determine how to calculate the height of a pyramid (math), explore how Egyptians irrigated their farm land from the Nile (science), read a historical fiction book set in Ancient Egypt (literature), build sugar cube pyramids (art), learn how to spell “pyramid” (language arts), etc.

Unit Study is the most immersive style of homeschooling.

During the specific unit, you live and breathe that subject. You completely immerse your student in the subject so he will attain the information better. Your day will be filled with books, video, and craft activity projects.

Although unit studies can be very flexible they can also be some extra work in putting it together. Here are some of our favorite Unit study resources that have taken most of the work out for you.

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